The Firm

"Distant origins, renowned today, projected towards the future"

True to a wealth of tradition and benefiting from a heritage of experience developed throughout over 100 years of business, Adamo & Partners guarantees its clients a confidential and direct professional relationship, aimed at developing an ongoing relationship of trust in which the human factor and solid ethical principles play a fundamental role. Professional consulting is always bespoke, and results are punctual, timely and concrete. In its relationship with every client, the Firm also dedicates meticulous attention to ensuring transparency and accessibility, in part by utilising the most advanced IT tools.

Adamo & Partners offers a complete and integrated suite of skills at the service of companies, businesses, entrepreneurs and private individuals, assisting its clients both in their routine activities and in exceptional circumstances, with the dual objective of preventing and handling legal problems and identifying the most effective solutions for utilising opportunities.
In an ever-changing regulatory and macro-economic system, working on increasingly integrated international markets, Adamo & Partners is hallmarked by its rapid response and its consistency in the specialist study of matters related to new business and trade models.

Adamo & Partners has a consolidated team of experienced lawyers, with specialist skills in the various branches of law, both in and out of court, and lawyers from the in-house world with significant experience in multinational companies. Working as a team, with a transversal and interdisciplinary approach, the professionals at Adamo & Partners can consult on all implications of law, including matters requiring complex legal solutions.
Working with professionals specialised in economic, financial and management services, in areas that are often complementary to legal advice, the Firm also undertakes global corporate consulting assignments, coordinating transversal technical skills, in compliance with the most recent developments extant in business and industrial sectors.

The Professionals of the Adamo Firm