In May 2021, Adamo & Partners Studio Legale (Adamo & Partners Legal Studio) attained Certification of the Studio Quality Management System issued by ICIM S.p.A., a Certification Authority accredited by ACCREDIA, after having implemented its organisational structure in compliance with the requisites of the international technical standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, with the objective of consolidating its operational procedures in an outlook of greater efficiency, by means of the targeted regulation of internal processes and the optimisation of relations with the respective External Parties.

The primary intention underpinning this strategic decision was to supply legal services for Clients and Parties of reference at levels of quality corresponding to their requirements and expectations, in complete compliance with professional ethics, the values shared by the Studio, and the respective deontological and professional standards.

The organisational model adopted by Adamo Partners Studio Legale is applied to all operational procedures, and more specifically:

  • The Leadership Process, with the implementation of the appropriate Governance, the definition of Quality Policy, the codification of the Studio’s roles, responsibility and authority;
  • the Planning process, with the identification of Quality Objectives and the systematic organisation of the Studio’s principal procedures and activities;
  • Support processes, regarding the selection of human resources, the procedure for their consequent incorporation into the Studio team and the respective activities of coaching and assessment, dedicating careful attention to the updating of specialist professional skills, as defined in the annual training
  • Design and development of the services supplied, comprising the organisation of workflow, from receipt of the assignment to its definition, by means of the use
    and updating of our state-of-the-art management software;
  • Application of the respective Standards applicable to the sector (with specific reference to regulations regarding Privacy, Anti-laundering and Safety at

all continuously assessed by means of periodical internal and external audits in order to ensure the ongoing improvement, in terms of applicability, adequacy and efficacy, of the management system applied to judicial and extra-judicial legal services supplied within the Studio’s field of practice.

In the successive months of September 2022 and December 2023, Adamo Partners Studio Legale passed the surveillance audits, demonstrating the systemic, organised management of the processes adopted, in coherence with an approach based on risk analysis as an additional opportunity for ensuring efficiency and efficacy, in an outlook of attaining the progressive improvement of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, duly adopted and certified.